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More Warrior Cats coming Soon

I’ll probably get the next Littermates online soon, but I am drawing Yellowfang right now. I have been practicing so I am hoping this one will be better than my other drawings.

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Littermates Destiny #8 WindClan and the Foxes

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The thorn barrier was twice its original thickness. The nursery was covered in brambles. Battle training had spiked. The cats were ready. But the attack came when they least expected it. In the middle of the day, Rubyshine sent out a sunhigh patrol. When they did not return after a long time, she took another patrol to find them. In a small valley, she found blood. As she stopped to sniff it, cats leapt on them from above. Rubyshine ordered her patrol to flee and the cats streaked across the grass. Rubyshine was sure to lead the WindClan cats across the most rocky route to the valley where she knew the mentors and their apprentices would be practising. The trees were nearby, and there would almost certainly be a hunting patrol nearby in the woods. As she reached the clearing, she let out a blood-curdling yowl. The cats in the valley below raised their heads, and the pursuing cats charged into the trees to fight the TwilightClan cats. Rubyshine sprang for an oak tree, but a tabby fastened his teeth into her tail. She swiped him across the muzzle, and he let go with a yowl.

Meanwhile, Cobwebfur and Waterpaw were watching in horror, and Waterpaw bent down to bite off more marigold stems. “I will go back to camp to fetch more marigold. Get the most injured cats to come to you. I will bring a fresh patrol with me when I come back.” mewed Cobwebfur, dropping his marigold and racing away. Waterpaw spotted her sister racing towards her. “My mentor says we need RiverClan’s help, but there’s no cat to spare to do it. We can. Will you come with me?” Waterpaw left her bundle of marigold and the two apprentices left for RiverClan.

As they left, Cobwebfur’s patrol arrived, led by Silverstar. The elderly silver cat was somehow managing to stay ahead. Most cats, by her age, would have been in the elder’s den long ago. She yowled a challenge and sprang into battle.

While this was happening, the two young cats were racing towards the battle, accompanied by a large patrol of RiverClan warriors. Soon, the intruders were driven away. Silverstar stood, panting, with a large wound pulsing blood in her neck. Cobwebfur ran to help, while Waterpaw treated the other cats.

The sun set in a sky of blood, and as darkness fell over the land, another threat came to haunt the cats. Sleek tawny bodies slipped through the unguarded entrance to the camp, and crept towards the leader’s den.

Perhaps Cobwebfur saw shadows moving across the mouth of the medicine den that caused him to stir, and get up. But it wouldn’t have given him much warning before he heard the scream of both cat and fox. He shot to the leader’s den. First he saw the fox, lying ominously still. Then he saw his leader. The silver tabby was lying on her side. Blood pooled around her neck. How many lives was that now? Cobwebfur waited. After a few moments that seemed like hours, the blood disappeared, and the old she-cat got to her feet again. She was still alive. But she had only one more life to lose before she joined StarClan forever.