Polls-What cat are you?






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Mostly a: You are Racewind. You are a headstrong young tom warrior who believes the answer to every problem is to fight, however you have a kind heart. Your mate is Flowstream, and you have two kits called Thymekit and Frozenkit.

Mostly b: You are Skydance. You are a sensible she-cat, but sometimes you act before you think properly. Your mate is Spruceleaf, and you have five kits, Lilackit, Mottledkit, Springkit, Wolfkit, and Bronzekit.

Mostly c: You are Whitewinter, You are a shy she cat,  afraid to take matters into your own paws, however you are known for your good hunting skills. Your mate is Steelwave.

Mostly d: You are Darksky. You are a treacherous she-cat. Your mate is unknown, but you have one kit called Shadowsong.

Mostly e: You are Silverwind. You are a she-cat, and you think before you act or rush into a fight, so you have less enemies. Your mate is Spottedtail, and you have four kits, Skykit, Flowkit, Dapplekit and Bushkit.


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