Yandere Ashfur

Wow, this is my first post in months!

Now that I’m back into drawing Warrior Cats, I’ll probably post more.


Human cats

I’m just comparing this anime to one I drew about a year ago. They are both human versions of cats. The one on the left is Silverstream, the one on the right is Hollyleaf which I drew today!

Warriors Update

From now on this blog is going to be Warriors only

I might also get an official Silverwind Instagram

And a YouTube channel.

So I’m not going to bore you all with stuff like me being rubbish at skipping 😀


Hi guys, NerdBird and i have had a rubbish PE (well I did)

The teachers are really nice, but when they make you skip continuously for 30 seconds without stopping its not nice

Sorry gotta go late for french Le teacher deteste le late enfants 😦

~Silverwind and NerdBird

Panic over!!!!!!!

hi guys NerdBird here 😀

I’m writing this on behalf of silverwind,


It was in one of the computer rooms at school!!!!!

Silverwind is now in the form room cooling off (lol) ;P and everyone is okay and the calculator is still there!!!!


PS. she didn’t actually cry


Hi Guys

Silverwind and NerdBird here. Bad day for both of us 😦

NerdBird had a terrible spelling test (I know because I marked it lol) and ripped her English book in a fury! (lol) she was actually trying something else she is now scowling at me 😀

I lost my pencil case with calculator :(:(:(:(:(

Stupid calculator is so expensive

And all my stuff in my pencil case

Dammit I’m gonna cry

Over to NerdBird

Hi guys I am the same age as silverwind I don’t actually own a blog so I am using hers lol

See you guys soon because we will probably do another post tomorrow!